Katrina L. Smith, P.E.


Ms. Smith has been working in the field of fire protection engineering since 1996.  She graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection Engineering.  Ms. Smith has experience in water supply analysis and adequacy testing.  Such analysis encompasses performing studies on water distribution systems to determine available water supplies; potential system improvements; comparing clients’ fire protection capabilities with existing supplies; and, analyzing alternative, cost-effective solutions to supply and demand problems.  She has experience in the inspection, testing, and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems, as well as fire pumps. As Director of Sprinkler Services for AIE Inspection Services, Ms. Smith oversees coordination of AIE’s inspection and corrective maintenance programs.  Ms. Smith’s focus is implementing and adapting systems to help clients cost effectively meet life safety goals, maintain compliance, and exceed customer service expectations.  When not trying to keep up with her 3 kids, Ms. Smith enjoys reading, scrapbooking, and hanging out with friends.